What to do in Tenerife for 10 days

You should be sold by now and be counting the days until your vacation in Tenerife, or any Canary Island.
Now, let’s see what you can do on this island, that can satisfy every holiday need. Don’t stay a week.
You need at least 10 days.
I stayed there for 2 months and didn’t get bored, and I still want to go back and discover other corners, cause really, you can find beauty everywhere.

Best advice – rent a car. Without a car, most of the things will be difficult to reach. For two weeks you pay 300 Euros at Cicar (/4, 75 euros per person). Or if you search more you might find offers for 25-30 Euros per day.

Gas is cheap – less than 1 euro per liter.
They have a highway that connects the South with the North. Sometimes there’s a terrible traffic, but in 40 minutes you get from the South to the Santa Cruz, the capital.
You should stay near that highway. There will be a post about: where to stay in Tenerife.
You can see more things in one day if you organize the trips well enough.

Tip 1:

Some of the attractions can be seen from boats – there are many trips that you can book in your hotel, or by stopping in Puerto Colon, or practically anywhere on the beach. The prices are pretty much the same, the program and the routes might be different.

Tip 2:

You will find anywhere daily trips that will tick off some of my proposals. So, if you don’t rent a car, you can still see some of them with groups, and travel by bus. (if you’re a fan)


La Caleta

You are going for the beach and for the mountains, right? You can have them both. You have no idea how much fun it can be to find the best beaches after climbing lots of rocks.

There are a lot of hippies living there, and enjoying the most simple life ever. If you’re curious about how this lifestyle can look like, please follow Gypsee Adventures, a Romanian girl that stayed there last year and just moved back, to an awesome cave.

You can go there from 2-3 directions. The easiest is if you dedicate a whole day for the coast, and this way you see all the beaches, obviously, without actually getting to lay in the sun. You can start in Los Cristianos and walk until the last beach – around 10 km. Might be extreme for some of you, if so, start in Puerto Colon, half way, and you still get to see the nicest touristy beaches… Fanabe,  Playa El Duque (might be full of old people though, who spend a lot of money in the four-five star hotel – if you turn your head you will see some of them). The beach will end, you will find La Caleta, the “district” and you have to find Calle Las Artes and a lot of stairs. Here starts the fun part. Must climb them, and then you start going down, and you will see the beauty of the place. You will have to climb the hills again, and go down again, find a nudist beach… there are many gulfs – find the one you like.

If you go with a car, or with a bus, you can take the way from El Portito, and if you are up for some discovering adventures, take the road less travelled straight between the huge cactuses. It will be fun they said. And it was. You should pick cactus fruits and eat them, but be careful.

Tip: if you are lucky enough to have a full moon night, go, spend it there. Its the place where I saw the biggest full moon ever, so close to us, and it was accompanied by music played live by the people there.


Masca + Los Gigantes

Don’t dare to miss the trip to Masca. That road is incredible. You can stop in some places and take the most amazing pictures after you soak up all that beauty. I don’t wanna ruin the description of it, you have to live those sensations on your own. There are more roads that take you there, but the scenery is spectacular, no matter which one you get on. Stop and visit the little village built there. That Cactus Lemonade is not special at all, but you might wanna taste the cakes.

Tip: if you are a hiking fan, and want to do a difficult trail, you might wanna look this up, and dedicate a whole day for this. It’s not easy to get on that beach, but once you’re there you won’t regret. There are some boat trips that take you to that beach, but why not try the hard way? (I still have to try this)

Must do: It can get windy. Like really windy and cold. Take some warm clothes + a scarf could save you.


Depending from where you’re coming, you might wanna stop in Los Gigantes before going to Masca. It can become a day trip and enjoy everything Los Gigantes can offer, but it’s not a must. Feeding the fishes in the port is fun, you see the real fight for survival between the big ones and the small ones. And there’s the devil’s hole… I won’t recommend to jump in it, but some did it – see on Instagram. You might wanna stay in Los Gigantes, and if you are a digital nomad, why not try the Wolfhouse, the newest and coolest co-living co-working space?



Mount Teide 

If you thought about visiting Mars, I have to tell you, this is the nearest you can get. It’s spectacular. The road that takes you up on the Mountain is impressive. Another thing I won’t describe in words – look for photos, but live, is better. Many Hollywood producers were sold and made some movies there. I would advise you to catch the sunset when you go down and stop a few times. No one will have that background in their pictures.

Maybe you want to stargaze from the peak of the mountain. You can do that!

If so, you can squeeze in the same day the trip to Masca, and continue it to Teide. The last Cable Car is before the sunset. You might spend the night there if you are a hopeless romantic and want to impress your girlfriend.

You should really research this topic, because it’s something you shouldn’t miss, and there are many ways to enjoy it, after your own taste. Did I mention you might find snow there? While you go up, the warm beach temperature is going down, and you will get around 4 degrees up there, or maybe only 1 degree Celsius. Please take warm clothes with you and appropriate shoes.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife + Taganana

Another day, other adventures. You can fit these two in one day, both being in the North. It’s up to you where you will get mesmerized by the sunset.

Let’s say you start in the South, or in Las Americas – make an hour and stop in the capital Santa Cruz. Parking will be a pain in the ass, if you can’t find a spot in the center in Parking Parque Maritimo, you might leave the car in the Shopping Mall – Centro Comercial Maritimo and walk from there. You can get lost on the little streets, drink a coffee in one of the many cafes, find some amazing street art.

If you choose to spend the whole day there, you should find TEA, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes – the most interesting library/contemporary Museum/working space – for those of you who appreciate architecture is a must. If you love Palm trees – you have Palmetum, a Botanical Garden with 600 species of Palm Trees – 6 euro entrance.

Before stopping in Santa Cruz, if you already know that you will spend the whole day there, you might wanna stop in Tabaiba to see a real fishing village.

After you finish the strolling around the city you must find the pretty beach – Playa de Las Teresitas – with yellow sand, brought from Sahara. Must go up to The Mirador de Las Teresitas, and take pictures from there.

If you don’t spend the whole day in Santa Cruz, you should continue to drive to Taganana, another road that will take your breath away. Huge cactuses, enormouse Aloe Veras, a lot of greenery all seen on a road full of serpentines. You reach the highest point from where you can see the ocean. Tip – you can climb on a nice hill, if you’re not afraid of heights, it’s the best feeling you can have.

A Glimpse Of Our Paradise .

Publicată de SupAcademy Romania pe Luni, 12 decembrie 2016

After enjoying the scenery, the road will take you to la Plaja de Benijo, a quiet beach, that might have the perfect waves for surfing. It’s your choice if you want to enjoy the sunset there, or you turn around just in time to catch it on the beach of Las Teresitas.


No, we are not done. So many other places. This could be just day number 5, and you haven’t even spent one day laying on the beach, right? And I also rushed you and made you see 2-3 things in one day, when you could spend the entire day in one place. Let’s insert some some beaches for some lazy days.

El Medano

No, it’s not just for those who are into windsurfing. It’s windy, really windy. Not every day. Most of the days. But it’s so worth it to get there. It’s close to the Airport, close to the highway, so maybe you will want to rent a place there, and pursue all your adventures from there.

There are so many beaches, that one day won’t be enough to really enjoy them.

If you wanna shop some cool stuff, maybe you’re a fan of surf brands – it’s full of surf shops and they have good stuff.

You will find many nice cafes, and restaurants, so go ahead, enjoy a day there. Montana Roja is also close and the beach there is nice also.

TIP: if you want to enjoy a quiet day, just laying on the beach and being surrounded by the perfect scenery, I know the best beach – Search for Arenas del Mar – Montana Pelada and enjoy it. I miss that place so much. The only thing that could be annoying for some of you are the planes, that are pretty frequent. But you might snap a nice picture. It’s also good for nudist lovers. And if you are curious, there is another beach, even smaller, if you climb on those rocks. Look it up on the map, and you will find it.

Tip 2: Rincon de las Estrellas – if you are already in the South, you should find this place. It’s not easy, but it’s an Oasis of creativity. They only open at 5PM and they are close to an ostrich farm – I bet you’ve never seen so many ostriches, and you don’t know about their dance. There is a small pool, they have a vintage shop, but it’s perfect to have a beer and chill and enjoy the way they decorated everything there. Close to it, it’s another type of retreat, you might wanna check out.

I would suggest you in between all these trips to take time for laying in the sun on the beach – you have plenty of them. You could reserve half a day of beach hopping 🙂 I walked so many times from Los Cristianos to Fanabe, so basically the whole coast. You can walk on the sand, on the boardwalk, or on the streets between the shops and cafes. Won’t be easy to find a nice cozy cafe – as a digital nomad I didn’t find any with a comfortable chair, good internet, good menu and great view – you gotta choose one. But for enjoying a beer, sure, pick any. As in for coffee – you MUST try Barraquito. I have plenty of pics, but please drink one for me.

Shopping should be on your list also. You might do it anytime by entering any shop – dont miss Shuzu. Go to Siam Mall – if you have time. In Santa Cruz there are many nice shops and the mall has Primark.

And if you got bored and still have a day, buy a daytrip to the island you keep seeing, La Gomera. On your way back you will enjoy a perfect sunset on the boat. I will write a post about it.

And there is Loro Park – zoo, and Siam Park – waterpark. Try one day for each.

No…my list isn’t done. I still have many cool places. But these are the musts for 10 days. For other nice tips and adventures, wait for the next articles.


And of course  I found an offer for you with KIWI – learn to use this app, or desktop version – you will love it. If you have wizz discount, it will be cheaper. As an exercise, try finding a flight from Sibiu – it will be cheaper.


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