Adventures through the longest day on 2 continents

Monday in Bali.

My card was eaten by an ATM because of a short power outrage. The power died exactly before I could get money out or recover my card. The odd for this happening was smaller than my card being cloned in Indonesia (which apparently happens to a lot of people) Of course it wasn’t my only card, and at least this happened right before I left Asia, after 4 months, but I still had Europe and Panama on my list.

Tuesday morning  7 AM.

On my way to the airport, the Grab driver didn’t have change, so he accepted 17k instead of 21k. Wow!
I arrive in Singapore and the storage in Changi Airport proves to be less expensive than stated on the internet. I paid 10 SGD for 2 bags instead of 12 for one… Perfect. I had 11 hours to be back in the airport, on the wonderful Dreamliner from Norwegian.

They say Tuesday has 3 hours of bad luck, huh?
I experienced 4 of them between 12 and 16 with:

No working Sim card, I couldn’t top up my debit card, had no access to wifi, all this while I had to meet with people, buy my new Huawei Mate 10 Pro and catch my plane to London.

My sim card wasn’t working on my phone since the wet accident in Gili T. I couldn’t get any signal. In Singapore, they have WiFi, but you receive a code via SMS, on your sim card… – everywhere!!
I had to meet with the PR of Sentosa Island and couldn’t reach her, but, in the metro, thanks to nice people who share a hotspot, somehow, we did meet.
On Sentosa I get a wifi code, but as soon as I’m on the cable car, I lose signal and lose the wifi. Yay.

I only had wifi to realize that I couldn’t access my Revolut app. Every time I’m on a plane I tend to clean the clutter in my phone, and clearing cookies wasn’t a great idea. In order to top up my card with money I needed to log the app, which only worked…you guessed, by sending me a confirmation code on my not working sim-card. I enjoyed the cable car ride and if you go to Singapore, it’s a must. Plus, that’s the place where you can go to the beach, or chill on amazing terraces. I needed a terrace with a wifi to sort out my problems.

I still had 6 hours to be on the plane, but not before I find the shop, buy the phone, get my bags…

It was super hot, 32 degrees, no clouds, just the mighty powerful sun, and me walking a lot to see as many things as possible. Running out of time, I stopped, ordered coffee and the most amazing last coconut in Asia. Got some wifi and in less then an hour I managed to get through the customer service from Revolut and access my card. Now that I had the money, I had to find the shop. Some pretty dark clouds gathered and after riding a bus and changing the metro 3 times I get out of it and it’s raining. Oh well, warm rain never hurt me… Found the store, bought my precious new phone and decided to finally eat something. It was way past 7PM in Singapore, I ate at 7 AM in Bali, and I was looking forward to 14 hours in the clouds. Ate my last Pad Thai, the guy from the phone shop was super nice and recommended an authentic Thai place close enough.

I did arrive on time at the airport. Was super stressed because of my way too heavy backpack and my super huge extra bag… but no one cared, it looked like it’s only weighing 10kilos. I ended up in the plane with too many layers of clothes on me. Good that the bathrooms in that magic plane are way bigger than any other plane bathrooms I’ve ever experienced.

I landed in London Gatwick after 14 hours, but guess what? With all that time difference, it was only 5 AM, instead of being 12 PM. I had to wait for my connecting flight to Malaga, another 4 hours.

Can you believe I almost lost that plane? I was so relaxed and felt so like home after eating real bread and cheese and having a what I remembered to be a good coffee at Pret-a-manger. I was busy setting up my new phone, synchronizing my pics…

When I arrive in the waiting room I see I’m the only one and try to make a joke: “Am I the only one flying to Malaga?” “Miss Gloria?” “Yes. How do you know my name?”  “You’re the last passenger…missing from the plane.”

Ups! Sorry. I guess I was a bit jet lagged :))

If I remember well, I flew another 3 or 4 hours, also with Norwegian and I had free wi-fi all the time! How cool is that?

I had to wait for a blabla car in Malaga, to get to Gibraltar, to my friend. I spend another 3 hours waiting for the typical Spanish driver, 2 more hours in the car and…it was 6 PM when I wasn’t yet at the final destination. The awesome driver left me at a shopping mall, pretty far from where I had to be. I got a taxi, but only after trying to find a freaking ATM. I was in Europe, had no cash on me…

Wednesday, 6:30 PM.

After more than 43 hours on the road, 3 plane rides, 4 movies watched, several buses, metros, cars, 2 cabs and lots of adventures, I arrived safely. The second day we started our trips to…Ronda, Cordoba and back to Malaga.

The next Tuesday, almost all of this happened again, but this time I had to fly from Amsterdam to Panama.